You’ve probably read somewhere that SEO is ever-changing, complicated and highly technical. The honest answer is yes, there is plenty of complexity and specialized knowledge involved, but all SEO starts with a strong foundation.

A ‘Phase I’ SEO strategy is important not because it solves all problems or will double their business over night. Basic SEO strategy is important because it is the foundation for all the work to be done in the future. Think about SEO as a house. Would you skip building the foundation and skip to the roof? Probably not.

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To use a recent example, our Colorado SEO team worked with a charter school in New York to boost rankings in mid-2016. After we executed basic on-site SEO best practices for them, they opted to hold off on any ongoing ‘Phase II’ SEO. While skipping Phase II has its drawbacks, by completing Phase I, they boosted their rankings and a year later are still ranking on page one for 19 of their 23 keyword targets. Not bad considering they only invested in discovery, research and foundational SEO.

Needless to say, not all projects will see these results, but the point here is clear: Doing some SEO and getting your website in line with best practices can have an important impact on the visibility of your organization online. Also, good SEO isn’t all-or-nothing and doesn’t always require a big budget. Doing some SEO is better than continuing to put it off.

If you’re curious about how your website could benefit from strong foundational SEO, get in touch, we’d be happy to look at your site and walk you through the process.