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Google has gone to great lengths to make Google Ads user friendly so users of all levels and jump in and leverage the platform. However, in our experience getting an account launched is easy, but making an account successful is another story. This isn’t to say 0% of users can master the platform and succeed, […]

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If you’re not currently using an email marketing platform you might think it’s outdated and perhaps a waste of time, but especially if you sell goods on an ecommerce model, email marketing could be big for you. Today we’re going to cover the basics and make the argument for investigating email marketing even if you’re […]

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We recently started working with an ecommerce startup based in Boulder, CO and it brought to light a common question: when should a new company engage with a Colorado SEO firm? It depends a little on cash flow and the goals of the organization, but today we’ll walk through some best practices. SEO During Launch […]

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