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Google Display Ads are a set of advertising options on the Google Display Network that all contain an image as part of the ad. Today we’re discussing when you might want to run Google Display Ads and what you should expect in return. Let’s start with a hypothetical situation: you run an ecommerce store and […]

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In a way, SEO comes down to proper maintenance of your website with an eye toward Google’s best practices. You’re making sure your site is compelling. You’re making sure you use valuable keywords. You’re making sure you have content in all the right places. You’re also making sure you go back and double check your […]

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Cloning a page is the quickest way to create a new one. Let’s use the example of a product page. You take ‘Men’s Shoes in Black’ and clone it to create ‘Men’s Shoes in White’. Once you swap in the new images and text, you have a new product! What you may also be doing […]

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