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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is an umbrella term referring to all forms of paid search engine advertising. The major segments of SEM, which Eastern Star Marketing offers to clients are: Pay Per Click Advertising, Display Advertising and Search Retargeting.

Pay Per Click Advertising: Although Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising can involve either text based ads or image based ads, when most account managers refer to PPC, they are referring to text ads, run on any of the major search engines, in a bidded auction. Advertisers pay for search engine traffic on a per click basis, and campaigns are managed to specific conversion goals.

Display Advertising: There are multiple ad formats and media buying strategies that go into successful Display Advertising campaigns, and the strategy and ad placement depend entirely on the goals of the campaign. Although conversion rates aren’t always on par with Pay Per Click or other SEM formats, it can be an excellent avenue for brand awareness, time-sensitive advertising or promotional drives.

Search Retargeting: Also referred to as ‘Search Remarketing’, Search Retargeting is an excellent way to get a second impression with users who may already know something about your brand. Users who have visited your site already, or have interacted with an affiliated property can be shown Display Ads on participating publisher sites and the ads can be used to draw the user back to your website using a call to action like a special offer or promotion. Conversion rates in Search Retargeting tend to be healthy, and periodic campaigns can add to ongoing PPC or Display Advertising efforts.

Eastern Star Marketing provides search engine marketing services to a variety of clients, with many different goals in mind. Whether you’re thinking of running a PPC test to see if the traffic will convert on your site, or you’re looking for professionals to manage large scale ongoing advertising, reach out to the team at Eastern Star Marketing.