Veterinary Websites are Unique, Right?

It’s an easy sales pitch: ‘We build websites for veterinarians, so we’re the best option’. But is it true? Yes and no. Sure, they may have more practice pulling in your scheduling software for example. They’re familiar with eVet, ezyVet and IDEXX, but what percentage of your website involves scheduling? 1%?

If you’re going to use a ‘veterinary web development company’ make sure you’re not paying higher than market value or paying for features you don’t need. Plan out the pages you must have on the website (example below), then decide whether the ‘vet-specific web development company’ is the best option.

example sitemap

If they’re offering a virtual tour of your veterinary office or a ‘diagnose your pet tool’ on the website, are those must have features? Probably not. Your clients want to know that you’re reputable, experienced and available. Make it easy for them to book an appointment and put the extras on the ‘nice to have’ list for later.

Solicit bids from other experienced web development companies along with the ‘veterinary web development companies’. If a non-specialist seems like a better option don’t worry. They’ll be able to link into your scheduling and payment systems. It won’t be the first time a client has asked.

Veterinary Marketing Online

To reach potential customers in your area you’ll want to make sure you’re showing up in search engine results. Making sure your site is well optimized for keywords related to your business is a good starting point. Making sure you have well optimized local search engine listings is another area to check. Google Maps, Bing Maps and Yelp can be make or break for new clients choosing a veterinarian.

If you’re not ranking in Google and Bing, or if you’re not sure how well you’re competing in your service area, ask a professional. Helping clients solve ranking issues and evaluating the digital presence of clients is a big part of what SEO companies offer.

Ongoing Marketing

Like all businesses it can be hard to know how to approach marketing and how often you need to reach out. A combination of online marketing and offline marketing might be a good approach. Even offline marketing can be tracked via your website, so the two go hand in hand.

Find a marketing resource you trust and ask them to decode the pieces of the puzzle you’re having trouble with. Marketing—like website development–is one aspect of the business you don’t need to become an expert at if you don’t want to. Find a partner you’re comfortable with and rely on their expertise. If you have questions about online marketing, get in touch. We’re ready to help.