sem retargeting audiences

If you’re an agency or a savvy client, you’re probably familiar with the world of SEM retargeting (also called remarketing). Maybe you’re running some campaigns on Google, Facebook or LinkedIn and enjoying the results. Today we’re going to talk about some of the ways Google is allowing advertisers to leverage retargeting in new ways.

sem retargeting in market segments


Classic Retargeting

Not so long ago, retargeting meant one thing: Showing former site users ads, usually image ads. That was the classic model and it’s still a powerful tool…generally run as a standalone campaign alongside your Search and Display campaigns.

Affinity Retargeting

Similar to the way ads work in traditional Display campaigns, you can now pull Affinity groups into Google Ad campaigns. Why would you bother adding an audience to a Search campaign? It allows you to give those users priority. You’re effectively telling Google, ‘on my Men’s Shoes campaign, show men interested in shoes the ads first’. If your campaigns are budget limited (which most are), this can help you gain a little edge and hopefully convert better.

In Market Audiences

Similar to Affinity audiences, In Market audiences have shown an interest in a certain concept or product. The difference is that they are looking recently, so there is an assumption of urgency. If a user hasn’t shown an interest in men’s shoes historically but starts looking for them, they may be a motivated shopper.

One innovation that’s hard to understate about these two targeting methods is that you don’t have to duplicate or create new campaigns, they help existing campaigns perform better. In some small way it’s simply allowing you to leverage data better than we could in the past.

If you’re new to retargeting or feel like collaborating with a partner could be helpful, get in touch. We’re excited by the new technology and are ready to help advertisers get the most from their Google Ads traffic.