denver digital marketing firm

If you’re running the digital marketing effort for an organization in Colorado, you may opt to use local vendors. There are plenty of reasons this is a good option; lower cost, easier communication, and hopefully it will be easier for you to build trust if you can meet in person once in a while.

Why does trust matter when you’re choosing your Denver digital marketing firm (or any other vendor for that matter)? Because digital marketing is a category of services which can be easy to get lost in. Let’s take your website for example. You built it when you were in startup mode and you’ve probably done a website redesign or rebuild every 3 – 5 years since. You know your way around a website, but could you troubleshoot a drop in conversion rate? Maybe not…so you have a vendor for digital marketing.

Here is where trust comes in. Your digital marketing firm should be able to take list of goals and prioritize the solutions. Someone on your team may want a new website because it’s been 3 years…but you need one? Someone might think social media ads are a good idea, but is there a business case for it?

Your digital marketing firm should be able to tell you quickly and simply what the biggest barrier to meeting your goals is…and identify the right solutions. They should also be ready to design a plan within your budget.

If you have the feeling that your digital marketing team is assigning tasks (and billing hours) because they can, not because there is clear evidence that current efforts are working, you need a trusted partner you can turn to and say, ‘do we need to be doing this?’ At the end of the day, you have a marketing team, a sales team, a customer support team to sustain and grow your organization, not just to check the boxes on having them.

If you have a Denver digital marketing firm you trust to help you work toward your goals, fantastic. If you feel like you’re checking boxes without seeing results, it may be time to think about how much trust there is in that relationship, or if it’s time for a second opinion.