building sem display strategy

Not too long ago, retargeting ads were a nice little add-on for clients who were already investing in other SEM display options and had maxed out their PPC budgets. Now many companies are turning to smarter SEM options first.


It Starts Organically

If you’ve spent time building your inbound Organic traffic, you’re setting yourself up for success on the paid and organic sides of the equation. The more users you bring into the site organically, the higher success rate you should have on the advertising side as well, given how the two channels are intertwined these days. Filling the top of the funnel organically will allow you to recapture more leads mid-funnel using retargeting options. If your top-of-the-funnel traffic is mostly paid, you’re not likely to see those lost cost per conversion totals.

Turn to Smart SEM Options

If your sales cycle is 30 days or more, allowing users a second look or a nudge to come back is one key to success. Think about all the buying decisions you make that don’t begin and end in a month. Using data from Google Analytics, your website and social media you can retarget users and close a few more sales or leads without much trial and error. Once you’re maxing out those inexpensive conversions you can always turn to PPC or Display to look for growth.

Data Driven Decisions

If you have converting channels like Organic and Retargeting running well, you’ll have great information to roll into the next campaigns. Information on conversion paths, geographic locations and which creative works best are priceless when you get ready to jump into a slightly riskier channel like PPC or Display. Set yourself up for success by looking for patterns in your past conversion data.

If you’re not quite ready to tackle these strategies in-house, get in touch, we’re ready to talk strategy and help you run your next experiment.