The goal of most SEO projects is to get your brand in front of the right users. Unlike your Google rankings, it can be a little tricky to quantify how and where your app is ranking. A careful evaluation of your App Store and Google Play rankings is a great place to start if you suspect your app could be doing more to further your business goals.

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Conversion Optimization

Ranking for the right queries is the first step to gaining traction in Google Play or the App Store, but given all the competition, just showing up isn’t the end of your optimization. It’s important that app listings both speak to the features and benefits of the app and do a great job of showing the app in use.

For example, look at the two app listings below. The app on the right may have great customer ratings and benefits, but the listing doesn’t do it justice. It looks cluttered and confusing. Good design can play a key role in your app store optimization and can influence both downloads and retention.

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Mobile apps get rated and reviewed much more often than desktop software. If you want to remain well regarded by your audience, you’ll want to both: listen to your user feedback and engage with your users. Sure, you can’t please everyone all the time, but if you see a negative trend you’ll need to get in front of it quickly.

Responding to feedback, encouraging reviews and fixing issues as they arise will show current and potential users that you’re committed to the success of your apps, and already working on the next version. The more engaged your app team is, the more likely your app is to succeed.

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