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Launching a startup is a risk, but it’s also an exciting experience. Take it from us, we’ve been a part of plenty of launches and just a few short years ago we were launching our own startup. So let’s look at the road from idea to incorporation to launching your startup marketing plan.

If you’re thinking of online marketing already, congratulations. All great ideas need some help getting disseminated and remember, even companies like Google were startups once upon a time. If you’re launching a business in today’s climate you’re well aware of SEO, SEM, Social Media and the importance of spreading your message digitally…but where do you start?

1. Business Plan: Have you created a path to profitability? Hopefully if you made it through the dot com bubble you are aware that becoming profitable in the short run is just as important as the profit you might create a year or two from now.

2. Pricing and Audience: A great idea doesn’t sell itself. If you’re not sure who you’re selling to or what they are willing to pay, you’ll have to run some experiments to get the data you need to properly price your offerings. If your startup is introducing a brand new concept, this can be tricky, but plenty of brands have done this before you, so you’re not alone!

3. Demand: Where are your users? Are they looking for you on Google? Are they talking about your product or service on social media? Finding the right place to reach your users is as important as the language you use to communicate with them. The right message at the right time doesn’t help if you’re not showing it at the right location.

If you’ve mastered all three of the steps outlined above, you probably aren’t reading this article because you’re swamped with leads and orders and you don’t need help getting more. If you’re struggling with any of the pieces of the puzzle and could use a hand putting together a startup marketing strategy, get in touch. We’d be happy to walk through the math and your current conversion paths to see if we can help.