cracked paint

Nonprofit SEO tactics can be very similar to those for any website, but you should keep your goals in mind. Your website should rank well for the keywords essential to your mission. Today we’ll look at some basic suggestions to make sure you’re optimizing your site well and stay true to the mission or your organization.

Clear Direction

Hopefully your organization has a clear mission and stays focused both offline and online. Let’s say your organization raises awareness and offers services around lead paint. First, you want to make sure your website gets your main point across quickly and effectively. For example, you could buy the domain and have pages that clearly describe the purpose of your website:

‘The Lead Paint Alliance was formed to educate Americans about the risks of lead paint exposure as well as to offer lead paint identification, testing and removal information’

If users can clearly understand the purpose of your organization and your website they will be more likely to continue their research on your site.

Clear SEO Strategy

Continuing with our example, you’ll want to know what users are searching on Google as they research lead paint topics. You’ll want to identify keywords like these that are clear opportunities to educate the users:

‘identify lead paint’

‘test for lead paint’

‘lead paint removal’

You might have touched on these topics anyway, but now you know the exact phrases users are turning to Google with so they can learn more. You can create (or edit) pages to speak directly to these topics. Using they keywords above you could create the following pages:

How to Identify Lead Paint in Your Home

How to Test for Lead Paint

Help with Lead Paint Removal

Each one of these pages will offer clear information about how to confirm (or refute) the presence of lead in the home and how they can remove it.

By using these nonprofit SEO best practices, you will further your organization’s mission; to reach and educate the public about the threat of lead paint and how to reduce that threat.

Tracking and Maintenance

Your nonprofit may not have the budget for an expensive digital marketing agency or an in-house SEO expert, but it’s still important to track and maintain your SEO results. By using a tracking and monitoring system like Moz, SEMRush or Ahrefs you can follow your progress as you learn, implement and grow your nonprofit SEO results via your website. Even if your results are discouraging at first, it’s better to know how you’re doing than assume you’re doing well and find out otherwise later on.

Hopefully these tips help you get started with good nonprofit SEO practices. If you have questions feel free to get in touch. We’re ready to start a conversation.