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Does my Choice of CMS Matter? Let’s start at the beginning. No matter how your website is built, you’re probably using a content management system (CMS). The days of coding sites by hand are mostly over. That means you’re using a platform which makes it easier to create, edit and launch pages on your website. […]

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We all want to see results, right? If you’re paying an SEO firm to grow your traffic, you want to see traffic! However, when you’re evaluating keywords and looking for the best keywords for SEO, you should start by asking a few questions. Here are some examples: What do we offer our users? How are […]

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Let’s start with the basics of how your physical address intersects with your business goals. If your organization offers products or services to customers in a geographic location, then your physical address is important. It’s hard to say you’re a ‘denver coffee shop’ if your only location is in Wyoming. Users would find that misleading. […]

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